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This is the same as the SC68i, except that it has foam filled metal pontoons for use in environments where there may be a risk of sharp objects. Also, it uses dual-steerable aft mounted motors instead of mid-mounted differential steering. This offers improved performance in areas with a risk of hitting floating vegetation. 

After 10,000 operational hours and 250,000 acres surveyed, we are happy to introduce the SimpleCAT 68m. The SC68m is a catamaran which is well suited for lake and harbor use and was fielded for use in mostly open waters but which had occasional floating vegetation that would jam up the SC68i. Additionally, the pontoons are made of rugged tig welded aluminum and are filled with closed cell expanding foam, making it unsinkable and well suited for use with high-value equipment. The entire thing can be transported assembled in the bed of a pickup and easily carried by two people via the side handles, making the SC68m very portable for its capability. The 160ah battery provides >24 hours of endurance in real world conditions and around 32 hours in ideal conditions at 1.2 m/s. 

Based on customer feedback and our own experience, the SC68m has the following noteworthy features: 

  • Batteries can be changed, and maintenance is easily performed through the top hatch. 
  • Optional Hot Swappable Battery - Internal UPS provides power during swaps so your system will not shut down when the battery is removed, meaning untrained people can do the swaps and reboot/calibration times are eliminated. 
  • Integrated Teltonika LTE router provides cloud connectivity - bring your own SIM (Simbase is 0.01/mb and 0.01/day) and enjoy unlimited range, including telemetry/control, NTRIP corrections and remote desktop access. 
  • Versatile payloads: Echosounders is suspended on a pole under the midsection, most things can be attached here without too much effort. 
  • Ultra-Endurance: The SC68i uses 160ah 14.8v battery which gives it a >24 hour endurance.  
  • Excellent sealing: High quality hatch, tig-welded midsection which sits well above the waterline means a boat which can handle nearly any conditions in which you'd want to conduct data collection. 
  • High Quality aft mounted steerable motor pods. Test motors have 2000+hrs and counting in real world conditions. 

As always, all of our boats include a full GPS autopilot, a dual band L1/L2 RTK/PPK GNSS (Emlid Reach M2) and an integrated Windows 10 Pro running PC (with 500GB SSD). Communication is via cellular and/or a bridged LAN (for remote desktop and autopilot control). Also included are all the things you would expect such as batteries, charger, and R/C controller. The internal smart battery features integrated charging, balancing and low voltage cutoff – keeping the battery in top condition for years and charges in around 7 hours. 


To recap, the SimpleCAT 68m Includes...

  • Full GPS Autopilot, Handheld R/C Controller, Battery, Charger
  • Long Range 5.8ghz/2.4ghz LAN Telemetry
  • LTE Connectivity for Telemetry as well as remote desktop 
  • Stanard Water Based Propulsion
  • Teltonika based LTE cellular connectivity
  • Onboard Integrated PC with 500GB Storage, Remote Desktop Access over telemetry or cellular
  • Integrated Emlid Reach M2 Dual Band L1/L2 RTK GNSS with Lora or NTRIP


  • Length: 2m/78”
  • Width: 1.25m/49”
  • Height: 440mm/17"
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Endurance: 24-32 hours @ 1.2m/s
  • Battery: 160ah 14.8v
  • Included Charger: 25a AC Charger
  • Propulsion: Dual Brushless Motor Pod
  • Construction: Tig-Welded Aluminum 
  • Telem Frequency: 5.8ghz
  • R/C Frequency: 2.4ghz
  • Radio Link Range: 1-3km (LOS)

Detailed Operation/Planning Video...

Unabara Z Axis 2F

Airmar Echorange+

Recommended Sensors & Payload Options: 



Why the SimpleSCAN? 

Best in Class Service
Our goal is your success. We offer US based support - each boat comes with initial online/phone familiarity training where we help make sure everything is setup properly after arrival of your boat and go over the basics, as well as online/phone help on your first project including good practices, mission planning and data processing. Email and scheduled phone support is available after that. 

Small in Size, not Capability
The SimpleCAT may only be 78 inches long; but it packs a serious punch. With over a day of real-world endurance, integrated Dual Band RTK/PPK GNSS, Onboard LTE, support for a range of professional grade echosounders and a capable onboard PC which runs Hydromagic, Hypack and others - we've packed the capability typically found in a manned survey boat down to something which can be thrown in the trunk of a car or taken on aircraft to remote sites. 

Rugged, Reliable Construction
With 250,000 acres surveyed personally, years of oil field jobsite experience, a great deal of effort has gone into building a solid system that will get your job done again and again - and one which we use ourselves. From the unsinkable, rugged inflatable pontoons and welded aluminum construction, the rugged aluminum motor pods, to the battery with integrated BMS and LVC - this system is built for your job site. 

Integrated Autopilot
All of our boats include an autopilot with GPS navigation and live telemetry as standard equipment. We believe this is standard equipment in a USV, the autopilot greatly reduces the monotony of creating straight transects and running large areas. 

Integrated Windows 10 PC
Each boat includes a Windows 10 running PC which serves as a data collector. Most of our clients run Hydromagic. This integrated PC can be accessed over the wireless data link using Remote Desktop or over the LTE connection. 

Bridged LAN Telemetry System
Each SimpleCAT includes a long range bridged LAN data link. Operators are able to connect on shore via ethernet or wifi and have a TCP/IP link to all the equipment onboard the boat. Connecting via Remote Desktop, uploading new missions, and drag/drop copying your survey data from the boat to your shore laptop or office PC is fast and easy. 

LTE Cloud Connectivity
Our boats include an integrated industrial grade LTE system with externally mounted diversity antennas, providing robust connection. This permits secure, remote access to the system for telemetry, remote desktop, RTCM (NTRIP) corrections and remotely downloading collected data. We recommend Simbase which offers a plan at $0.01 per MB and $0.02 per day for service on ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon towers, a very robust package excellent for occasional use. But of course, you are free to use your own service - for larger data amounts, Verizon has a $45/mo plan with 60GB and generally is well suited for heavy use.

Smart Battery
The SimpleCAT includes an optionally hot swappable 14.8v 160ah battery - meaning your boat will not shut down during battery swaps, giving it 24+ hours of run time without the need to reboot the system when swapping batteries. This battery is designed for reliability and features an integrated BMS and LVC.