Sample Results

We are happy to share results from our systems. Contact us for sample data on any of the following: 

Lago De Claire
Equipment: HarborScout 55i with Unabara Z Axis 2F

Cottonwood Lake
Equipment: SimpleSCAN 30i with Echorange+


Blackcreek Lake
Equipment: HarborScout with Echorange

Soil Conservation Site 18i
Equipment: HarborScout with Echorange+

MarineCreek Lake
Equipment: Venture with EUD32

Marine Creek Sediment Map (Boat Ramp Area)
Equipment: HarborScout with StrataBoxHD Sub-Bottom Profiler

Port of Brownsville
Equipment: HarborScout with Echorange

Oklahoma Frac Pond
Equipment: SimpleSCAN with Echorange

Texas Frac Pit
Equipment: SimpleSCAN with Lowrance Elite 5TI

Florida Keys 
Equipment: HarborScout with Echorange & Lowrance Elite 7TI2

Wyandotte Lake
Equipment: HarborScout with Echorange