Unabara Z Axis 2F

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Z Axis-2F - Dual Frequency Hydrographic Echosounder

This Z Axis 2F is our most popular payload for most applications. It features a fixed 200khz high frequency and user selectable low frequency, most commonly 28khz but can also be set to 10, 12, 18 24 or 30khz.

The ZA2F really stands out in the market as the only system capable of reliably operating (Including on the low frequencies) in water as shallow at 1 foot! (Seriously, just ask us for sample results!) As such, it pairs very well with our boats which are commonly used in shallow water environments.

In addition to exceptional shallow water performance, it also has very narrow beamwidth on both the high and low frequencies (5 and 3.5 degrees) meaning it will work in most environments, including sloping contours. This means you won't have to rely on "area averaging" pseudoscience - you will receive accurate high/low data for each ping, at each location, with no to minimal post processing required.

Differences between depths calculated from the high and low frequencies can be used to determine siltation thickness and locate “liquid mud” in navigation channels.  

Details & Features:

  • F1: 200 Khz.
  • F2: 30, 28, 24, 18, 12, or 10 Khz. (Field Selectable)
  • Maximum Depth: 100 meters (330 feet)
  • Minimum Depth: 0.24 meters. (0.8 feet)
  • Ping Rate: 5, 10, or 20 hz. (user selectable)
  • Hands-Off Operation: After setup, operation of the Z Axis-2F is fully autonomous with no user intervention needed.
  • Seamless Sea Bottom Tracking assured by Unabara’s proprietary machine learning algorithm which anticipates changes in bottom conditions by analyzing the metrics of every returning ping.
  • Direct support in both our SimpleSCAN 30i and HarborScout 55i; with full hydormagic and hypack compatibility
  • Narrow Acoustic Beam Widths for both F1 (5 degrees) and F2 ( 3.5 degrees) results in small ensonified footprint of the sea bottom.
  • Best horizontal spatial resolution of any survey echosounder on the market

User Inputs:

  • Sound Velocity
  • Offset (Draft)
  • Units (meters or feet)
  • Blanking Gate Depth

Output Sentences

  • DESO-20