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Our all new SimpleSCAN 30i is a small-size USV designed with portability and travel in mind. At only 30 inches long, it and it’s transport case can be checked as baggage on the airlines with no extra fees. Despite its small size, it features a 4.5 hour endurance and can perform professional level cm-level bathymetry. The SimpleSCAN 30i features a full GPS autopilot, is typically equipped with a single or dual-frequency echosounder, dual band L1/L2 DGPS. It includes an integrated Windows 10 PC with optional aft panel-mounted touchscreen and communicates via a bridged LAN (for remote desktop and autopilot control). Also included are all the things you would expect such as batteries, charger, and R/C controller. The internal smart battery features integrated charging, balancing and low voltage cutoff – keeping the battery in top condition for years. 

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Recommended Sensors & Payload Options: 


Emlid Dual Band RTK Mapping Kit
Emlid Reach M2
Emlid Reach M+



Why the SimpleSCAN? 

Small in Size, not Capability
The SimpleSCAN 30i may only be 30 inches long; but it packs a serious punch. With full support for Reach M2 Dual Band RTK/PPK GNSS, Echologger EUD32 30khz/200khz Dual Frequency Echosounder and an onboard PC capable of running Hydromagic Data Collection Software - we've packed the capability typically found in a manned survey boat down to something which can be thrown in the trunk of a car or taken on aircraft to remote sites. 


Integrated Autopilot
All of our boats include an autopilot with GPS navigation and live telemetry as standard equipment. The autopilot greatly reduces the monotony of creating straight transects. The Autopilot and SimpleSCAN 30i are equipped with a navigational GNSS system; however, if purchased with an Emlid based RTK GNSS, the autopilot will be interfaced with the RTK system and will automatically choose the more accurate source for navigation. When the SimpleSCAN 30i has a fixed solution, navigational accuracy is unmatched. 

Integrated Windows 10 PC
Each boat includes a Windows 10 running PC which serves as a data collector. Most of our clients run Hydromagic. This integrated PC can be accessed over the wireless data link using Remote Desktop or optionally, through an integrated aft-mounted touchscreen. 

Wireless Data Link
Each SimpleSCAN 30i includes a long range bridged LAN data link. Operators are able to connect on shore via ethernet or wifi and have a TCP/IP link to all the equipment onboard the boat. Connecting via Remote Desktop, uploading new missions, and drag/drop copying your survey data from the boat to your shore laptop or office PC is fast and easy. 

Smart Battery
The SimpleSCAN includes a rugged, water resistant internal (But removable) 14.8v 30ah battery, giving it 4-5 hours of run time. This battery is designed for reliability, with an integrated BMS and LVC. 

Brushless Motor Pod
The SimpleSCAN makes use of a powerful corrision-proof, steerable brushless motor pod for propulsion. This has a marked advantage over thrusters; it's much more efficient and less likley to get stuck in aquatic vegation. 

Transport Case

Each unit includes an ATA Transport Box; this helps protect your investment during shipping and during transit to and from the survey sites. This case is specifically designed to be under the 158cm linear size limit of most airlines, allowing it to be easily checked as baggage without additional fees. 
* Battery must be removed for airline transport, but can typically be carried on. Check your air carriers for specifics. If an alternate battery capacity or chemistry is needed for your application, we can accommodate, please contact us