Basic Operation - SimpleScan

The SimpleScan can be as simple as a toy R/C boat but is also a sophisticated piece of equipment capable of navigating, compensating for currents, winds on its own. How simple or how advanced is controlled by "Operational Modes."  Please click here to see a full list of operational modes - but to boil it down, there are three key modes which are controlled by a 3-position switch AND/OR on your Mission Planning software: 

This is what it sounds like - the boat is a Simple R/C boat, controlled by a joystick. 

We like to call this "heading lock." This mode is similar to manual, however steering is controlled by the navigational controller based on yaw gyro sensors and magnetic (compass) sensors. The goal is this mode is to keep the boat locked on whatever heading you specify. In this manner, it's very easy to drive straight - just push the throttle forward and the boat will go straight ahead, automatically compensating for anything that pushes it off course. If you move the joystick right/left, the boat will turn at variable rate specified by how far you push the stick. 

In auto mode, the boat will execute fully automatic missions. These missions are waypoint - or actually, command point based. During planning, you can specify functions to occur sequentially. Usually, these functions are navigational waypoints but may also be a command to collect a water sample, turn on/off a piece of equipment, stop for a period of time, jump to another command (to create repeating/looping missions), station keep, and many other things. Please see our Mission Planning section for more details. 

In a typical job, the user will prepare the Mission on Mission planner while at the office or at home and save it on their laptop. Then, once they arrive at the  job site, they will power up the boat, connect and send the mission via the Wireless Telemetry Link. Then, the boat is placed in the water and navigated away from shore in manual mode. Once safley away, the boat is switched to auto where it will complete the pre-programmed mission. 



 A full user guide is available here, this page serves as a quick run down - so you understand exactly what the SimpleScan can do.