Wireless Link for SimpleLogger

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This plug and play unit updates your SimpleLogger with a 900mhz* 500mw Wireless Link, which sends depth and location info in NMEA format. The PC side connects via USB and will show up as a COM port, allowing you to see the depth/location in real time in software such as Hypack, Hydromagic and Reefmaster. A serial viewer app will also record the NMEA data directly in a NMEA text file.

Range depends on environment, but is typically in excess of 1km.

This includes:

  • 500mw Radio Link with SimpleLogger connector
  • 500mw Radio Link with USB Connector

*Other frequencies are available upon request. If you're using this on a boat which has a 900mhz telemetry system, we can set the 900mhz radio to limit to channels used to prevent interference. Please contact us for details.