Venture 156i

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ETA - Mid July
Our Venture 156i will be available Mid-July, a perfect platform for costal, Harbor, Large Lake MBES surveys and port security - the V156i has the following features: 

  • 40 Hour Endurance with 48v 10kwh Battery System
  • 500+lb Payload
  • Long Range LAN & LTE Connectivity
  • Powerful onboard Windows & Linux PC System
  • Customized Brushless Motor Pods with upto 10kw output
  • Includes transport trailer
  • Sealed, Internal payload area with hatch access
  • Optional external Payload Deck, for manned/unmanned operation and/or additional equipment as needed. 
  • Optional Radar, Lidar and AIS contact monitoring & avoidance

The Venture shown has served as a testing and development system. It has a 500lb payload, 40 hour endurance, long range data link, LTE, onboard video. It is well suited for security, patrol, survey and environmental applications. It can support MBES, Sub-Bottom Profilers, Radar, Thermal cameras and more. 

If you need larger manned/unmanned systems, contact us for a custom quote!



Marine Creek lake in Fort Worth, Texas. Completed in around 6 hours using the Venture.