RTK: Emlid ReachRS+ GNSS RTK/PPK Kit

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This package adds and integrates an Emlid Reach Mapping kit to your USV of choice. This system works great with our SimpleLogger module, allowing affordable CM level relative accuracy. (Absolute accuracy available if base location is known or public reference data is available nearby) 

Reach provides suburb performance on our USVs and provides remarkably high percentage of fixed solutions, even on long baselines*, which may come as a surprise to those who have use Reach or similar hardware on Multirotors. This is due to the following:  

  • Excellent spacing between interference generating equipment 
  • Boats Typically remain flat, keeping the sky in clear view
  • Our metal hulls make an excellent, large, ground plane

*100% Fixed Solution @ 5hz rate, Post Processed against a CORS station with a 5km baseline. 

*Around 85% Fixed Solution Points @ 5hz Rate, Post Processed against a CORS station with 20km baseline. 


This package includes: 

Reach RS+ Base
Reach RS is a rugged, waterproof, versatile multi-GNSS receiver with built in Wifi, Bluetooth, LoRa and 30hr battery. Using this base paired with another ReachRS+ rover inside on boat - CM level solutions are attainable in either PPK or RTK mode. (We typically prefer and configure for RTK, but the system supports both)

Reach RS+ Rover
The Reach module is integrated inside your boat - it is a small, versatile multi-GNSS  receiver with built in Wifi and Bluetooth. This module is powered by the boat's main battery power so you don't have to worry about batteries. 

The included tripod makes setting up your ReachRS a breeze. 

There are a number of configurations method available, please feel free to contact us for more details. The default, and most robust option in our opinion, is dual Reach RS+ units both recording UBX raw data, which is then downloaded via WiFi after a survey run. This data is post processed using RTKLib and exported, then compared to depth data saved from the SimpleLogger based on time stamp. In this manner, usable cm level results are typically still generated in less than ideal scenarios such as Long baseline, signal cutouts, out of range, etc - and results are available in LLH, XYZ and ENU.

Depending on your needs, some alternate configurations may include: 

  • Dual Reach RS units operating in RTK mode with corrections via LoRa - RTK Corrected Solution Fed to SimpleLogger via NMEA.
  • Reach RS/Reach Module operating in RTK mode with Corrections over Bridged LAN. RTK Corrected Solution Fed to SimpleLogger via NMEA.
  • Module or Reach RS only, using Public Corrections for PPK or RTK modes
  • Other options, such as Dual Band L1/L2 modules or rovers.