HarborMaster 2450

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The HarborMaster 2450 is a highly capable platform with exceptional endurance and payload capability. It can be carried easily using integrated handles by two people.

This platform can be equipped in a wide array of configurations, including retractable platforms for multibeam sonars such as Norbit, or two bays - a 10" which is often used for an ADCP and a 6" which can be used for sonar or water sampling systems. It can also be equipped with long-endurance batteries or a hydrid electric/inverter generator system for ultra-long endurance. 

The sky is the limit with this platform - please contact us for specifics and how the HarborMaster 2450 can improve your data collection. Some example payloads are as follows: 

  • Water Sample Collection System
  • SonTek & Other ADCPs
  • Single Beam Sonar(s)
  • Multibeam Sonar
  • Gimbal Stabilized Thermal Cameras for Port Security
  • Radar
  • Computer Systems
  • Bridged LAN and/or Cellular Communication

Standard Specifications

  • Length: 96.5" (2450mm)
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Voltage: 22.2v
  • Battery Capacity: 80ah
  • Endurance: 10hrs @ cruise
  • Cruise Speed: 1.3m/s