HarborCAT 125i

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Our all new HarborCAT 125i is a 3m catamaran which breaks down to a small size for transport by leveraging inflatable pontoons, with a tig welded aluminum mid-structure. It breaks down and sets up in minutes and once assembled, it has an endurance of upto 50 hours (calm conditions) and the ability to handle rougher conditions than any other non-trailer based USV we are aware of. We can also optionally equip it with solar panels for 24/7 operation and indefinite station keeping - excellent for recurring scans monitoring dredging projects and sediment buildup. (Contact us for details)

The HarborCATs ability to handle rougher conditions and class leading endurance make it the perfect tool for larger projects, from lakes and bays to harbor and costal areas. Due to its inflatable tubes, it cannot take on water and the U shaped suspended main structure keeps the electronics and payloads dry, even in less than ideal conditions. 

The HCAT125i features an autopilot, dual band L1/L2 RTK/PPK GNSS, onboard PC, long range LAN, optional cellular connectivity and is typically equipped with a single, dual-frequency echosounders, sidescan or MBES. Also included are all the things you would expect such as batteries, charger, and R/C controller. The internal smart battery features integrated charging, balancing and low voltage cutoff – keeping the battery in top condition for years. 

HarborCAT 125i Includes...

  • Full GPS Based Autopilot
  • Handheld R/C Controller, Battery, Charger
  • Long Range LAN Telemetry
  • Onboard Integrated i5 PC with 1TB Storage, Remote Desktop Access over telemetry
  • Integrated Emlid Reach M2 Dual Band L1/L2 RTK GNSS (Optional LoRa Radio)


  • Length: 3000mm/124"
  • Width: 424mm/16”
  • Weight: 65lbs
  • Endurance: 50 hours
  • Battery: 12.8v 280ah
  • Included Charger: 50a AC Charger
  • Propulsion: Dual Brushless Motor Pods
  • Construction: PVC and Welded Aluminum
  • Telem Frequency: 5.8ghz
  • R/C Frequency: 2.4ghz
  • Radio Link Range: 2km (LOS)

Recommended Sensors & Payload Options: