SimpleLogger & Sonar Bathymetry Package

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This is our recommended option for affordable bathymetry. This system includes the following components: 

Airmar Echorange
The Airmar EchoRange Smart Sensor is an affordable, accurate depth sonar for bridge scour monitoring, sediment transfer studies and hydrographic surveys. A dual frequency version is available upon request. Datasheet is available here

The SimpleLogger interfaces with the Airmar Echorange as well as the included GNSS module - recording the ultra-accurate time, depth, water temp, latitude, longitude, pitch and roll. The dataset is saved on a MicroSD Card in CSV format. If you're looking for cm level accuracy, the SimpleLogger works with PPK or RTK systems - it can accept an RTK corrected input in NMEA format from a range of GNSS rovers such as Emlid Reach RS, Reach Module, Trimple, Leica, Topcon, or Septentrio saving RTK corrected lat/long/height directly to the dataset. You are also able to easily post process the data based on time stamp, which allows the SimpleLogger's data set to be merged with that from your GNSS rover, meaning your not limited to Lat/Long/Height but can also add XYZ, ENU and state plane data to the depth information.

If this systems is added to one of our boats, it will arrive installed with a deck mounted LCD display allowing any errors or issues to be observed before deploying the boat.

MicroSD Card
Enough space to save results for even the largest jobs. 

Optional Wireless Link
Optionally you may add a wireless data link allowing real time review of depth/location compatible with Hypack, Hydromagic, Reefmaster or any other software which can accept NMEA sentences from a COM port:

Wireless Link for SimpleLogger
Long Range Wireless Link for SimpleLogger

If purchased with a platform, this will arrive installed, tested and ready to go!