Sonar: Lowrance Elite 7Ti2

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The Lowrance Elite 7Ti2 is a high end fish finder which packs a lot of capability into an affordable package. It features 83khz/200khz sonar, 400khz/800khz sidescan and saves the full water column for review later. Sonar returns can be reviewed and depths corrected as needed.

The Lowrance is also the perfect option if you plan to use Biobase software as your processing solution. Biobase makes bathymetry simple - just upload the logs, the Biobase system and team will prepare your results in a few hours, including volumetrics, contour maps and vegetation density mapping.

The package includes: 
  • Lowrance Elite 7TI2 Sonar Unit
  • 3/1 Transducer
  • 32GB Memory Card
  • Installation/Integration

For a complete package, the Lowrance pairs well with our Airmar/Simple Logger in a HarborScout. The Airmar provides cm level accurate depth readings and can interface with a GNSS rover, while the Lowrance allows users to review the water column and sonar return directly.

Lowrance Sonar Return Sample:

A few notes:
  • The lowrance features 83khz/200khz/chirp depth sounder and 400khz/800khz sidescan
  • All info is saved on an easily accessible SD Card. 
  • Sidescan/depth can be seen in real time via the use of the Lowrance Gofree app, if your platform is equipped with a bridged LAN.

If this item is purchased with a boat, it will arrive installed and tested.