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Available Mid-June

Our FracSCAN 30i is a specially configured turnkey version of our SimpleSCAN boat and AutoSCAN lidar system designed for hands-off, automated pit gauging. Our FracSCAN system has the following key features: 

  • Automatic Lidar Based Shoreline Scanning
  • Automatic Path/Coverage Planning
  • Automatic Report Generation
  • Convenient Web User Interface accessible via Wifi
  • Above-Waterline pit capacity calculator
  • CSV Download of results (Lat/long/depth) for use with 3rd party software
  • Download of UBX/Rinex for PPK/Absolute results if needed

Quick Demo here: 

Best workflow in the industry...
Place the FracSCAN in your pit, switch to "Auto" mode using the R/C transmitter. FracSCAN will find the shoreline and circumnavigate the it, maintaining the user specified distance, automatically creating a survey polygon. Then, it will plan the area to scan, scan it, and prepare a downloadable PDF report with strapping volumes chart (from bottom to top of pit), a contour map and max pit volume (based on user-specified slope and height) - all without user intervention!*

*In most cases. (You may still need to switch to manual and drive around buoys, areas with active pumping, lines etc)

FracSCAN System is Turnkey...
This is a turnkey system which will get accurate, repeatable results without any additional purchases of equipment or software:  

  • Autopilot, with Automatic Mission Planning based on Shoreline Lidar Scan
  • Airmar Echorange 200khz Single Beam Echosounder
  • Integrated RTK System (Base & Rover, L1 Only)
  • Handheld R/C Controller, Battery, Charger
  • Long Range LAN Telemetry
  • LTE Connectivity, which allows SimpleUnmanned (Upon request) to connect and help with remote support, OTA System Upgrades and more

Why the FracSCAN System? 

Best in Class Service
Our goal is your success. We offer Texas based support and our boats features integrated LTE (included for 1 year) which will allow us to remotely access your boat upon request for assistance and trouble shooting. 

Rugged, Reliable Construction
With years of oil field jobsite experience, much effort has gone into building a solid system that will get your job done again and again. From the rugged chemical resistant polyethylene construction to the solid tig welded motor pods, to the affordable user-serviceable components, to the battery with integrated BMS and LVC - this system is built for your job site. 

Easy, Repeatable, Accurate Results
The FracSCAN takes the guess work out of gauging your pits. After the system has finished scanning, you can download a PDF report using your phone, tablet or laptop. 

Small in Size, not Capability
The FracSCAN 30i may only be 30 inches long; but it packs a serious punch. With Lidar Automated Navigation, 200khz Echosounder and integrated RTK system - we've packed the capability typically found in a manned survey boat down to something which can be thrown in the back of your work truck AND made it easy to use. 

Brushless Motor Pod
The FracSCAN makes use of a powerful corrosion-proof, steerable brushless motor pod for propulsion. This has a marked advantage over thrusters; it's much more efficient and less likely to get stuck in aquatic vegetation or debris found in produced pits. 

Integrated Autopilot
The FracSCAN boats include an autopilot with GPS navigation and web based live telemetry as standard equipment. In addition, it will use our AutoSCAN system to automatically prepare the waypoint based path for the autopilot, execute it, and then automatically process the results. This greatly reduces labor effort of pit gauging. The FracSCAN is also equipped with an integrated RTK system, assuring accurate, repeatable results. 

While the FracSCAN will automatically plan missions, you may still do so manually if desired using Mission Planner software, the system is open and built to get the job done; regardless of conditions. 

Wireless Data Link
Each FracSCAN system includes a long range bridged LAN data link. Operators are able to connect on shore via ethernet or wifi and have a TCP/IP link to all the equipment onboard the boat, as well as monitor progress and download results at upto 1 mile from the boat. 

Smart Battery
The FracSCAN system includes an internal 30ah battery, giving it 4-5 hours of run time. This battery is designed for reliability, with an integrated BMS and LVC.